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KARLA BONOFF LIVEKarla Bonoff Live is a two-CD set containing 21 songs, including some of Bonoff's most popular material plus two new compositions. All but one were recorded at a small club in Santa Barbara giving it a warm, intimate feel. This is Karla's first live album and the songs she performs span her entire career - from her first album through to the present. Musicians on the CD include the late Kenny Edwards, Nina Gerber, and Scott Babcock.


Karla Bonoff has recorded and released four solo albums as well as a "Best Of" collection and three albums with Bryndle. So why a live album now? "I have been playing so long and have never really documented what we do." Karla said recently. "I think many of these songs have improved with age and I felt like it was finally time to do that. For fans who have never heard me live, I think this will be kind of interesting for them."


Throughout her career, Bonoff has continued to tour extensively, playing sold-out shows around the world. She's scheduled a slate of dates in support of Karla Bonoff Live that will showcase her remarkable talent.


karla bonoff bandKARLA BONOFF LIVE

Produced by Karla Bonoff and Kenny Edwards





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How Long

If He's Ever Near

I Can't Hold On

Like A Compass

Rose In The Garden

Isn't It Always Love

New World

Baja Oklahoma

What About Joanne

Daddy's Little Girl

Lose Again

Wild Heart of the Young

Never Stop Her Heart

Please Be the One

Falling Star

All My Life

Goodbye My Friend

Someone To Lay Down Beside Me

Tell Me Why

The Water is Wide


Karla Bonoff: Guitar, Piano

Kenny Edwards: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Cello, Vocals

Nina Gerber: Guitar

Scott Babcock: Drums, Vocals


Recorded by Chris "Hoover" Rankin, Santa Barbara, California

"Baja Oklahoma" recorded in Tokyo, Japan


Photos by Marcel Shain

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